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Sholling, there's not a pig (or anything else) in Kalif., that you can't put down quite well with a .308 or .30-06. Then, if you want to start hunting, either of those will work just fine for anything else you'll hunt, including elk.

If you like levers, a Marlin lever in .30-30 will work just fine, too. I have a friend who regualry kills them with his .30-30 170 gr. factory loads, and he has no problems at all. Another friend of mine out of Bakersfield hunts them with either his .44 Mag Smith, or his Ruger B.H. .45 LC. He always "brings home the bacon."

If it were I, I'd go for the bolt rifle. Lots of versatility there. JMHO. J.B.
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