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Locked'n'Cocked said: "BigBore, can you really put a group of 45's in .5-1"? i've never dreamed of shooting that tight with a pistol.

Using my Kimber 45 ACP or RB 454 or a sw 500 I actually can consistently shoot out a 1" inch dot on a 3"x3" piece of paper at 27 feet with 5 rounds. At my local shooting range I am called "the one-hole kid".

At 75 feet using my Kimber 45 ACP I can consistently put them all within a four inch diameter which to my standard of shooting still leaves room for improvement.

At 60 feet I can consistently group as tight as 1" with my SW 500 with my largest variance being at 2 inches. BTW all of these above are free standing and using iron sights....NOT red-dots or lasers or scopes.

It all depends how much time you are willing to put into figuring yourself out regarding stance, cadence, breathing and trigger pull. If one goes to the range and sprays and prays OR just shoots without any situational awareness regarding what muscles in the body are fighting other muscles than that person will always be a mediocre average shot.

Incidently I professionally shot target bow and crossbow for at least a decade where I was shooting out 1/4" red dots at 60 feet. Many of the practice techniques I used in bow shooting I have applied to my firearm practice.
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