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Where to buy ammo/accessories online??

I need some input,

Where is good place to buy handgun ammo and accessories online?

Prices need to be good and even more importantly, they must have the items in stock. If they don't, they need to have good communication as to what's not in stock and when it will be in or what is an equivalent replacement.

I've run into 2 situations in the last week where I've made purchases and the products were not in stock, even though the website said it was. The first was with a place called the Armory. Decent ammo prices, but when I received my order a week after I ordered it, I found the bulk of it was not there. Inside the box was a handwritten note saying that 1 item was out of stock and the 2nd missing item will NEVER be in stock.

The second issue involved Kleen Bore. I ordered product from them online on 4/28/05. As of 5/9/05 no product. I called them today and was told that it wasn't shipped due to backorders. Once again, poor communication.

Anyone have any online shopping suggestions?
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