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Just out of curiosity, how many of you guys get to practice moving and shooting, whether it's laterally or rushing the bad guys. The second is probably only applicable in tactical situations, but as cwp holders we should be able to move and shoot. I think that most trained pistol shooters, firing on an erratically moving target only get hits about 10-20% of the time. Compound that with an erratically moving target that is going to cover and returning fire... seems like the way to go. I'm just worried that some folks just don't get enough practice moving and shooting because of restrictive range rules. I practice the tactics because I am involved in that kind of work. All cwp owners should be able to punch out 2 or 3 com shots on the move, especially on a stationary target.

A handy way to practice is this... have your target in front of you, probably near you ( most hand gun deaths in sc came around 5 feet), have a buddy call gun/go/move/etc. and do this. 1st step off line of attack, 2nd step draw, 3rd step shoot, then continue moving (each step is actually moving not just steps in a list, typically lateral movement is ideal). When you have hit the target do not drop your weapon, scan the target area and move in prepared to make another shot. This trains you to not drop your guard b/c most shootings (59% according to our state) will happen with multiple attackers. Try and get your draw and shoot down to 1-1 1/2 steps and be accurate.

One last point, when you reach cover shoot immediately, you do not want to be flanked while you're hiding out. You want to make the bad guy run for cover and give yourself a chance to escape.
whew that was a long post...
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