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I find it curious that people who defend the uh, popular line of thinking go to extremes to illustrate their point. They have their point and opinion and yet try to somehow ridicule those who differ in opinion.

Charlie's not in the woods.
Set the claymores up foeward.

Stuff like that. Statements like that serve no purpose but to clarify the posters confusion and lack of ability to see the writing on the wall. Try comparing those statements with some of these...

It can't happen here.
I never thought that guy would do anything like that.
I was minding my own business when...
All of a sudden.

If the world was so safe, then why don't cops just carry batons only. Oh, They see more action being in law enforcement you say? Correct. Action usually started against a (non-paranoid) citizen that went over the deep end and required intervention by armed professional officers since the citizen was unprepared.

Charlie is in the woods. Animals are not paranoid. There is no nice neighbrohoods (free from crime). Some people see it, some do not. So charlie is camoflauged and you can;t see him. Animals do not run right out into the meadow, they proceed cautiously, having the instinct to know that a predator could be lieing in wait, ready to pounce. Thats not paranoid friend, that's situational awareness.

Were the jews paranoid. No, but they should have been. Might've saved a lot of lives. I submit that if people who answer the door armed, are paranoid, than people who ridicule this mindset must in fact be naive.

I'd rather answer the door 10K times armed with no incident, than once unprepared and have an incident occur.
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