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FWIW: the Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) carried a story on 5/8/05 about 2 brothers, Gary & Erik Watkins. They robbed at will, aided by the fact that none of their "targets" met them at the door armed, . . . or at least were not sucessfully armed.

They would stage a home invasion of one of the employees of a credit union, check cashing facility, or other high cash business: hold part of the family hostage while the other one went with the employee to clean out the safe. They got $643,000 in one heist.

Apparently they "only" hit 6 times in a 2 year spree, . . . but far as I am concerned: it was 7 times too many, . . . and it just proves my point that one should never answer the door to someone you don't know unarmed.

These folks were not targeted because they lived in the hood, were crack dealers, or any of the reasons we take for granted. Just common working folks who did not take life seriously enough.

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