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Case of the jitters

Was out shooting today and met a guy shooting the same pistol as I was. We talked for a bit and then started shooting. I think we were shooting at 15 yds, I forget how far the first stop is exactly. He was blowing the centers out of his 2 inch red dots on paper plates, and most times holding 10 shot strings in about an inch. If I can hold 4" groups, it's a good day for me with a pistol.

I just cant seem to get any kind of grip or stance were I can hold a steady aim. Rifle shooting I do just fine. With my K31 and open sites I can shoot 2MOA with ease, and even with my iron sighted 22LR I can hit out to 100yds just fine. But I just cant for the life of me hold a steady sight picture with any kind of pistol.

My arms arent the steadiest for whatever reason. I dont have Parkinsons or anything, I just cant hold my arms out and keep them still. I dont have much caffiene, I should be plenty strong enough (got that linebacker figure), and I usually get out to shoot for about 2 hrs or so a week. Is there anything I could do to try and improve my aim? I'd really like to try hunting with a pistol, but as it is right now, I dont think that'd be a good idea.

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