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The range was Backwoods Trap and Skeet off of Hwy 380 in Little Elm. I agree with the arguing with idiots advice. That is why as I stated I recognized that attempting to challenge him would be a waste of time. However, as myself and others have pointed out, the fact is: Whether or not it is a cease fire or a hot range you would still be handling a firearm with other shooters directly in front of you in order to move your rifle from a vehicle to the stand. During a cease fire the other shooters will be 100yds away but during a hot range you would be handling a rifle 3-5 yards behind them. As far as crossing the line, it was completely legitimate to do so because you would not be able to hang a target downrange without crossing the line. The only infraction that I can see question with was that I placed a box of ammunition on the shooting bench that I wanted (this can be done simply by dropping the box on the bench as you walk past it to proceed downrange and hang a target). There was no weapon on the bench and all I did was move my rifle approx. 5-10ft. from the cab of my truck to a stand designed to securely hold rifles with muzzle pointing up well behind the line. This action is no less dangerous or questionable during a hot range than a cease fire for the reasons stated above. And unless I can throw a bullet by hand at 2000+fps I don't see the danger in placing a box of ammunition separate from a rifle on a bench.
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