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as a newcomer to the DFW area, may I ask

which range? I have only been to two around here so far
Now as far as your experience, I will not judge you. But in the RSO's defense, he does not know if you have been there 100 times or if it's your first time. He does not know if you are an experienced, safe shooter or a moron. It sounds as if his approach to the matter could use work, but I for one am tired of having to worry about everyone's "feelings" every time I open my mouth.
FWIW, I've been barked at by an RSO once or twice before, and it is embarassing in the extreme (esp if you are on a first date at the time
Also FWIW, I was at a range about two weeks ago, when a pair of guys violated the "no crossing the line during a cease fire" and the RSO looked at them then looked away. Given the choice, I'd prefer a DI who consistently enforces the rules to an RSO who may or may not...
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