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I used to shoot a lot of 38 Special with 148 gr wadcutters using 2.5 gr of Bullseye, worked well, but when I got into volume reloading for competition I switched to WW231, standard load of 3.1 gr of WW231 behind a 148 gr HBWC, that is a very accurate load and 231 meters better and is more consistent through a powder measure than Bullseye.

I have never had any ignition problems with 231 and can't imagine what might be causing the problem unless you are going under the minimum published loads, if you load too light with any powder it can cause problems.

Rainier Bullets doesn't even list a 38 Spec load for the 125 gr HPs, if you want a light load for your wife you might want to be looking at loads for the 148 gr wadcutters. Winchester's reloading manual shows a minimum load of 3.0 gr of 231 behind a 148 gr BBWC, that load should give you 690 fps.
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