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USP: Once again you show good judgement in choosing your weapons, yet the rest of your judgement I have to question...........
Bad things always happen to good people and that is why I keep my Glock ready for defense. Yet the thought that I need to arm myself for any sort of knock at the door is a little far fetched. Granted I live in a pretty safe area, and might feel differently if I was in the hood.
But if you want to set up the claymore in front of the door (make sure you check which side says "THIS SIDE TOWARDS ENEMY" I saw a cadet set one up backwards....... ), open your door in all your Kevlar battle-rattle, armed with an M16 with Beta-C magazine go right ahead. This is America and you can be a paranoid as you want.
But just think if you had to shoot someone and when he/his estate decides to sue you for whatever stupid reason and how much fun the plantiff's attorney will have in casting you as a paranoid gun nut, just itching to blow someone away:
"Well gee Mr. USP will you please tell the jury why you always answer your door with a LOADED WEAPON"
And if you don't believe me, ask some of the folks on here who are attorney's and I'm sure they'll tell you the same thing.
If your going to to open the door with a gun in hand just make sure you fully under stand what your doing.
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