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Yep, I believe I’ll weigh in on the same side as (former Deputy Sheriff) Denny Hansen.
Glad you’re okay. That’s first and foremost.

Secondly, from the opinions expressed in this thread (and the manner in which some are expressed) you may well determine that a good lawyer in South Carolina is the first and only person you should be talking with at the moment. The only exception, with the advice of your attorney, would be a counselor.

Other than that, I’d suggest you don’t talk about ANY aspect of what occurred that evening until both the criminal and civil matters are behind you. Maybe not even then. The wrong words may have the potential of re-opening a closed case.

In law, as in marriage, sometimes the best advice is “silence”.
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Laws vary from state to state—as do interpretations of similar-sounding laws. Furthermore, liberty, logic, common sense and best wishes too frequently have little to do with law.

As UTAtty can attest, “knowing the law” isn’t enough. You also need to know the legislative intent of the law and how the law has been interpreted in court. (Shepardizing laws can become a frustrating adventure in confusion.)

On top of this, laws change and can take you back to “Begin again!”

If you really want to help Moose, I’d recommend y’all stand by with your wallets in your hands. The time may come when a legal defense fund would be of more help than our opinions or curiosity.
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