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Denny said:
The self-doubt that will sooner or later arise, especially when you have things like an Errornet warrior adding to the problem, can eat at you. The important thing is that you survived the encounter.
And he hit on the problem with this thread in one easy sentence. It's OK to debate theoretical scenerios, tactics, weapons, ammo, and whatever. A few get their feelings hurt, but no serious damage is done. Here, damage IS being done, and a few seem to have a callous disregard for that fact. The only thing being accomplished here is to add to the anxiety and self-doubt of a board member that was forced to act in a very difficult situation.

Denny, I'm suggesting that it's time to close this thread, for that reason.

Moose, I'm also very sincerely glad you're OK, and you did the right thing.
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