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John Locke was a heckuva guy. I've never heard a quote from him that didn't ring true with me.

Still, this was over a threat of death or at the least, grave bodily harm. If someone is threatening your life for money, guess what. You're fighting for life not money. I had a brother found dead next to an empty safe, still open. That taught me to always resist a violent threat. Mow, if you want to play games when someone is threatening your life for whatever reason, go for it. I really don't care what you do. I don't wish you dead, but it's your choice.

I'm glad moose lived through his situation.

Ending the situation moose was in by brandishing the gun, that's not just unrealistic, that's plain stupid. Brandish a weapon that close to someone without intending to fire it- that's what gets your own gun used on you.

As for the three shots and a miss- Shooting 3 times in a panic is not excessive. It's very common for someone to empty an entire mag and think he fired a coupla times when the situation is over. Missing one shot out of three in a panic is nothing either. There was an incident in PBC a month or two ago in which two well-trained LEO's fired at the driver of a car from just outside the windows. No one was hit. 27 rounds I think the news said.

I think moose did very well in his situation.

Mow, you seem to think you need more details to decide what happened. Tough. If moose is smart his first post is the last we'll hear of the situation. Get over it. I can't speak for the original poster, but I think it's safe to assume he was looking for support and advice from people who have been there, not to give a bunch of armchair quarterbacks like us material to critique.

Which is why I initially stayed out of the discussion. I didn't want to see this turn into a critique of this man's tactics and legal position. I think that kind of thing is in very poor taste, to say the least. Too late now.
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