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BatManX commented, "Geoff....a Midwest guy? in FLORIDA?!!! What the heckle and jeckle?"

What can I say, I signed my life away to get the soft cushy job of Gov't Geek, they pulled my chances of promotion (OK, I go to Orlando once a year and check the pulse of the Hub site Mgr, to see about promotion chances) and transferred me to FL from Cleveland, OH. Literally at the end of the year.

I've been here a year and four months, haven't seen a wild alligator yet, haven't gotten snake bit yet have gotten fatter and had health problems. I'm beginning to suspect FL is a plot to eliminate the elderly.

But, on the other tentacle, there is a decent indoor range in Jax, there is a gun dealer with some WILD sale prices and an eclectic selection, and I'm two hours from a free outdoor range, I'm visiting real soon now as soon as I recover a bit more from cancer surgery.

I like the job, I've got a stock tank in the back yard (don't call it that in front of a realtor, they get huffy) I'm in debt up to my tuchas and I'll have to work until I'm 85 or so. What more could a boring, mid-western white guy ask for?

Who notes the only Gov't Geek job to come open in Cleveland when he was looking, had 600 applicants. Long Odds.
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