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Striker1 post should have read "the red line." I for damn sure wouldn't want anyone wandering up to the firing line while I was downrange, but coming up 10 feet behind the ready line and placing a weapon in a rack pointed skyward is a different story to me. Of course, like you pointed out, I'm around guns all the time, surrounded by people trained in their use and safety, used to having a dedicated range safety rodding people on and off (which is hard to find on civilian ranges) and used to ranges where you approach from the side, not the back. That makes me a bit more comfortable over how RCPractitioner entered the range, but I understand where other people wouldn't be.

I guess at the end of the day it all boils down to the rules of the range you're on, and how the rangemaster on duty runs it. If he says I need a chamber plug and a blaze orange hat to put my weapon in the rack, I'm off to the range shack to look for said hat...and if he says no weapons change location until the entire firing line is back from downrange and in the front leaning rest, then I drop and start pushing.
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