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I'd say that emptying a firearm like that would show fear of imminent bodily harm or death, which would not be an unjustified feeling at all.
This is one of the points that MoW doesn't get. HE thinks that this was a shooting over property. WE realize that it was a shooting over life.

Emptying your firearm like that would show anger, not self defense.
Just not so.

You're playing the result of the incident instead of the intent.
So MoW... tell all of us.... What exactly was Moose's intent? Was it to take out his gun on a Wednesday night and lay someone to waste? Was it to make a lot of noise? Was it to fire off rounds indiscriminately and see what he could hit? We all seem to understand that he [justifiably] feared for his life.

What is really disturbing about you is that you genuinely seem to have something against Moose and those of us who would defend ourselves in this situation. God forbid it ever happens to anyone else, I think Moose has set a great example.

Also, the result of the incident is what matters. Results count in our legal system. Results ARE the difference.

If you leave your pool gate open and a kid falls in but doesn't drown---does that make it moot that you left the gate open?
YES!!! IT DOES!!! There is absolutely NO case against you without results--without damages. You can act as negligently as you want, but if you don't cause damage, then there is no case. That's our system of justice. Damages are a component of negligence... without showing them, you go home...

firing your weapon should be a last resort.
It was. "Last resort" doesn't mean that you are wounded or dead. He was hit in the back of the head and under the control of and at the mercy of the bad guy. This was his last resort.

As I said before, the next time you are mugged or taken advantage of by someone, by all means bend over and take it. The next time you think that someone who will assault you and rob you without provocation will just leave you alone after, go ahead and take that chance. If you want to place your LIFE in the hands of a criminal and trust that he will take care of it, do it. But don't show such contempt for those of us who would defend ourselves. And you certainly shouldn't show contempt for a man who came here for support after doing one of the hardest things he will ever do.
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