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Please date my S&W model 36 snubby.

I have a S&W model 36 38spl. J-frame snub with square butt. Under the left grip panel and on the part that attaches the cylinder to the frame are the numbers 55347. The serial number on the bottom of the grip frame is 5292xx.
There are 3 screws holding the cover plate on. The barrel is pinned but the chambers are not recessed. It has, I believe, the original wood grips with a diamond around the screw on each side and a silver/nickel colored SW emblem.
It's in pretty good shape. Not a safe queen but a good shooter. I'd say the finish is about 85%. No rust or pits, just wear to the blueing.

This is the best shooting snub I've ever had and I'd like to know more about it.

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