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I've always used 231 exclusively for years for my 45 and 9mm. 5 gr. in each behind a 200 and 115 gr plated bullet and never had any problems at all. I just got this revolver and all of a sudden all kinds of problems.

I would just load it hot and it would probably be fine, but my wife likes to shoot it with light loads. If I'm shooting I don't mind tipping the bbl up to position the powder before each shot, but I dont want to tell her to do that. I'm sure that she wouldn't want to shoot anymore if she had to worry about powder position and stuck bullets ect.

The loads I have tried are listed in the manuals that I have or have looked in at the store, but the powder just dosen't seem to burn right in the long cases. I'm crimping so tight that if I'm not careful I crush that cartridge and have to pull them apart and toss the brass.

What type of powder is bullseye? Is it clean? Does it meter well in small quantities?

Chris P.
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