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Oh yes, 'the sign.' "Signs, signs, everywhere are signs..." It really makes me shake my head. We have one at work too that says basically that you are not allowed to enter the area with a weapon. And these signs really don't make any sense at all. Let's assume some guy is mentally disturbed. Maybe he was just fired, could be yanked off at his wife, a co worker, a "friend," etc. So, he comes to the business with the posted sign with an "assault type rifle" to chew bubble gum and take names, if you get my drift. But, then he sees 'The Sign.' And he stops and says to himself, "Oh crap! They don't allow weapons in this building. I guess I can't go in and kill people here. Blast! And I was so pissed off." Sure....

I guess I can see, to some extent, the reasoning behind the signs. It's all for liability. Somebody gets shot in your business, you can say "Hey! I had a sign. They shoulda known." Legally, they might be in a better place than if they didn't have 'the sign.' Problem is, it doesn't save any lives. It's all to keep the legal dogs off their backs IMO.
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