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thats true, when the military first started training dogs they were trying to make them uber aggressive. against the advice of everyone involved in the training and handling. unfortunately about 250 doberman pinchers were put down. this was before we became involved in world war 1, the first war in which america used dogs. during ww1 we used dobies, collies, mutts, and beaucerons (kind of look like a german shepherd crossed with a doberman). wasnt untill half way through our involvement with ww2 that we began to use the german shepherd as a war dog, untill this time there werent any in the us, and we hadnt heard of them. since maybe a year before ww1 the only people to train an uncontrollable attack dog have been very irresponsible people who make a very bad reputation for the responsible owners, trainers, breeders, and handlers. and maybe a few 3rd world countries like iraq? but I doubt that. even they would see the downsides of having a dog trained to attack but not trained to respond to the handler.
example of modern military police dog training (from experience as a trainer for these agencies in us, germany, france, england, australia and canada)...a handler can send his dog through a battle field (mortar explosions and machine gun fire) to attack an individual he indicated to the dog, if at any point after releasing the dog he needs for any reason to recall the dog, he can. if we dont train it for a 100% recall we have to start the training over with a new dog which we provide in most cases. if the dog seizes the target (bad guy) and for some reason the handler needs the dog to release he just has to give the command (in the us military the command is "out" unless the handler wants to create his own command). so with modern military and police the dog has to be 100% reliable in conceivable situations.
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