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Utah Air Assault has a point. It's almost humorous to picture some with concertina wire strung, land mines, claymores, and a sandbag bunker just inside your front door. Still, I don't doubt that some here live in neighborhoods where answering the door armed is prudent. I'd hate to have to live like that. But instead of the mines and bunkers, you need a more practical secondary defense. Do away with bushes near the door that can conceal someone. Good lighting is a must. A noisy alarm system with a panic button and a video surveillance system are a nice addition. I built my video system myself for under a hundred bucks. A video chip with lens was around $35. I built the weatherproof housing, and the whole thing is mounted on a simple TV antenna rotor. Double dead bolt locks are a must, with the key near, but NOT in the lock, and out of sight (in case of fire). Dogs, regardless of the size, are still the #1 deterrant. Mine doesn't bark, but at 33" tall and weighing in at just under 200 pounds, she doesn't have to. While Mastiffs are laid back, gentle couch potatoes, the Romans used them to fight lions and bears in the arenas. An intruder would be no problem. If the person at my door looks a bit hinky, well, I open my main steel entry door and talk through my steel barred security door. My hand is still on the main door door knob, and 3" above that is a Fobus attached to the door (out of sight) with a 9 in it. If the person in question checks out OK, I can swing the main door open against the wall, and they can come in and leave without ever knowing it's there.
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