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One thing you guys should not forget is how fast dogs can be. Their reaction time is incredible so all of this "I'm going to stick my hand down its throat and choke it" tak is a bunch of crap. As for picking up a dog and body slamming it, any dog you could pick up like that probably isn't a credible threat.

I will now back up what I just stated. I have an 80 lb. akita female. I can throw a ball at her at a very fast speed and she can catch it almost everytime. She will pick up on any tiny movement and react in the blink of an eye. Humans have crappy reaction times compared to most animals.

With that stated, I still think you should try to kick or punch the dog as you can still do damage for the entire arc or swing of the blow. If there is more than one dog, that will be a lot more difficult. I would say try to jump up on a car or seperate yourself. If there are a pack of mean looking dogs, I might fire a warning shot and start popping them if they don't turn right away.
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