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S&W .380 fits nicely in my pants pocket ...

... in a small in-the-pocket holster called the Sidekick made by Uncle Mike's. I never have anything else in that pocket if my pistol is in it but the holster still serves to keep the outline of the gun from being visible.

I almost always wear a good belt. I'm really fond of the leather belts made by Ted Blocker Holsters; they are nice looking, all leather and sturdy. And the shorts I wear in the summer have a "cargo pocket" right below the main pocket that I use in summer.

I saw a report on TV several years ago where several people in different houses all within about 10 square blocks of each other were found stabbed to death. The police couldn't establish any connection between the victims. Some were men, some women, all different ages and seemed to have nothing in common except they lived in the same neighborhood.

They eventually solved the case and it turned out the killings were random. Some whack-case walked through the neighborhood going to front doors to see if they were unlocked. When he found the front door unlocked, he let himself in and killed whomever was present.

I would guess that on the average I get a stranger a week at my door for one reason or another and I have some rules: I routinely keep my access doors closed and locked. When an access door is open or unlocked, I carry. Whether the door is locked or not, when I greet someone at the door I make sure I'm armed.
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