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" They are made of out of a durable material that snakes can't bite through."

There have been a few cases of secondary envenomation of person repairing motorcycle tire and getting snagged by fang protruding through to the inside of the tire.

As a group, the eastern diamondback is the largest poisonous North American snake. There is one exception hanging on a wall of a navy SERE school building near Warner Hot Springs Kalifornia. Western Diamondback without head, tad over eight feet long and well over a foot across the skin. Allowing for stretch, that is still one big un.

Good idea to collect the culprit if bitten. Most U.S. pit vipers are haemotoxic but the diamondbacks are both haemotoxic and neurotoxic. Better chance of appropriate treatment if the critter is identified. Mojave green rattler appearantly also has a different toxin load with attendant specific treatment requirement.

I believe in lettin em be, unless they get in the house, then we have a problem. In my area of AZ hills we have mojave greens which have a hair trigger and let you know when you are intruding into their zone. The more dangerous seems to be the mild mannered black, which will let you or your horse step on it before rattlin, then buzz and strike.

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