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I believe ya'll folks have a right to answer your doors with any weapon or combination of weapons you may want, yet it seems pretty paranoid to open your door with a weapon in your hand 24/7.
If you where Tony Montana of Scarface (Say ello to my 'lil friend!) or live in the ultra-inner city, than okay I'll buy into that. But your average everyday joe living in suburban America? Come on, I don't think there is that many folks out to get you. We're not in Iraq here folks. Charlie is not lurking in the woods. And if you really think Charlie is out there, please sell your guns and take up golf.
My Glock 32, with night sights & M3 TacLight, loaded with 13 rounds of .357 Sig Glaser Safety slugs, stays in its electronic safe next to my bed which I can get into it within 3 seconds, rack the slide & chamber a round within 2 and be ready to rock & roll. I feel pretty safe.
But if the Colombians do decide to come after me in my apartment (a la Scarface style), North Korean Paratroopers come from the sky, or the Machine rise up like on the Terminator movies and I do have to pull my AK-47 or AR-15 with Eo-Tech out of my safe to defend myself I will buy all of you lunch sometime.
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