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So, what do you all think? Am I pretty close?
Thats about right. I load for about 1.50 per 50 also. Works out to around 4 bucks a box for a box of 50 44 mags, which have more powder and sometimes gaschecks.

You have to look at what you're comparing though. Even using virgin brass it doesn't surpass the cheap ammo price and what you get is more along the lines of premium ammo than the cheap stuff. Ok for the 1.50 ammo vs 7 or 8 bucks a box (45acp) you wont have jacketed ammo, but you get to to shoot 300% more, but in larger calibers like 44 mag, at 4 bucks a box of 50 compared to premium ammo (apples to apples) the savings is a heck of a lot more and the same quality if not better. Try pricing 50 rnds of premium lead 44 mag and you'll see what I mean. You want jacketed? Ok add 5 bucks a box and you're up to 9 bucks a box for ammo that would cost close to 50 bucks a box for factory, if not more.

And boring? I think not. I've got my staple loads, maybe 200 or 250 lbs worth sitting ready to be shot up and almost as much new experimental loads of different stuff loaded up too.Anyone who gets bored at the reloading bench doesn't have much of an imagination!

The way I figure it, reloading throughout the time of being married & raising the kids, saved me even more money in that it kept me out of trouble and off the street where I undoubably would've gotten more traffic tickets and so forth and the higher insurance that would've gone with it. That right there cancels out the gas or electric used to cast with.
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