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I'm with you guys on the snake problem and solutions here in the states. However, I used to live in Africa and later in India and in both countries the only good snake is a dead one. Our species in the USA are relatively non-aggressive. But I'd love to take anyone who advocates "leave them alone" to Africa with me to bivouac. Don't get me wrong, here that tactic works mostly, there it will just get you killed.

I've been on march and literally watched as a giant tree snake droped out of a tree and lassoed himself around a guys neck to try to strangle him. Even better is in India where snakes will go after a man in groups as he walks down the road attacking with what seems like strategy. Several will lay across the road and "stand up" when they sense him close by. If he turns to walk away, he will find his path blocked by several more behind him. Very eerie. I've seen these things first hand and because of that, anytime I see a snake that is identifiable as "hot" I kill it. I'd rather spend more time with my .223 chasing groundhogs on my land because of killing their main predator than mourning my boy because a cottonmouth bit him at our pond. As for the mice, well, I've got one of the meanest cats around. Petronius would take on a coyote if given the chance.

We live on some nice land, but have a major problem with snakes because of all the water and prey living on the land. My family are all required to go armed anytime they walk more than 25 feet away from the house. My fiance carries a PPK with her, I carry my trusty 226 and my ward, Andy, carries either a S&W .22 or his Colt Commander .45 and even though I agree with Art's post about pistol calibre shot being hard to use, each mag is loaded in an alternate setup. Hydrashok and SnakeShot alternating with the last one hardball. I know, its a bit wierd but is works. We get groundhogs and snakes on a nearly daily basis. We take their carcasses and toss them into the woods where a lone coyote lives. I think he was an alpha that got deposed, he's pretty old and mangy. I've decided to leave him alone. He's gobbles up whatever is thrown out there. He's still feral but does trust us a bit.


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