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Oleg, I've been running loose in snake country for darned near 60 years, and I guess my feet just automatically take me where snakes aren't. Anyway, I usually wear the lightest, crepe-soled 10" boot I can find. Something like a Russell Birdhunter, or a lightweight pull-on work-type boot.

The main thing is to learn how to walk. You learn to look down briefly; take two to four steps; look down again...This helps you avoid noisy things like sticks and twigs, as well as snakes. You avoid loose rocks, and most always have a safe place for your next step.

I have hunted with folks who sound like a herd of shod horses going through the brush--amazing so much noise could come from one fella!

And avoid hard cloth such as new Levis. The "weep, weep" when going through brush wakes up every critter within a couple of hundred yards. Nylon is bad, as in the very protective but very noisy nylon-faced "brush pants". Great for quail hunting; bad for walking for deer.

If you just have to walk through tall grass in snaky country, probing with a walking stick helps. Let the stick wake him up, not your foot...

By and large, it's an over-rated danger. It just takes common sense and a reasonable amount of watchfulness...

Have fun, Art
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