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I use pretty West Coast Bullet copper plated bullets for .38 spl. that get my reloads rave reviews on visual presentation. Even with that, I can do a box of 50 for $4 or less. There is some cheap ammo available commercially, but no where near the quality I like. Commercial reloads I used to purchase cost $7.50/box of 50 and commercial with plain lead is $10 on up. My commercial reloader is no longer in the area anyway so that is no longer an option (and is actually what drove me to begin reloading).

Figuring even the minimal saving when compared to the reloads the saving is over $3.50 per 50. This gives a minimum savings of $70 per month when I am in competition and doing at least 1000 rounds per month. On this basis, the savings realized by reloading paid for the equipment in less than a year. It has been saving me over $850 per year since.

Yeah, it makes a difference. It can be boring if you settle on one load and just continue to crank that one out, but you can always consider it meditation time away from worries--and the honey-do list.
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