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What do you do with your CCW---

in 2 different scenarios:
1. CCW and you drive to a place where you aren't able to CCW(bar,casino, etc...)but weren't expecting to go there. Do you leave it in your car somewhere to be stolen?
2. You CCW and are walking and decide to go into a place that doesn't allow CCW? Can't leave it in your car so now what?
Reason I ask is I use Thunderwear and every day CCW when leaving the house. I do enter these places with my CCW since it's deep concealment and I don't want to leave it in my car or not, not enter a place when walking. Other places might be a sporting event, park or college. Many times I've been CCW at work and the guys decide to go to a game after work so since it is deep concealment I've never been made---I'm not sure what the penalty is for CCW in a place you shouldn't---any ideas.
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