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Im not a huge fan of gilberts guns myself either.

I went to gilberts to try out some guns, so I rent an AR-15. I shoot it rather fast, to get a feel of it and for some fun. As i walk out of the room, one of the workers comes out and gets on my case about rapidfiring, and that he saw me "rising", though every shot landed on the paper(i counted one mags worth of holes on the paper). He rants about how I wasnt allowed to rapid fire, and if any damage is to the lane he'll charge me for it. What i didnt understand is why they would rent out fully automatic weapons if you cant rapid fire. This one guy was totally rude to me, possibly because im a youngster (20 years old), even though the rest of the staff was pretty kind.

Ammo prices are also way to high, so I joined Izaak walton league. Thier ranges arent the best, but it sure is better than going to gilberts and having your wallet eaten. The range is only open on the weekend, after 1pm i believe, unless you take the range officer class which entitles you to shoot whenever you want. Im also a student at MC, which entitled me for the cheaper 40$ fee/year to join izaak walton league. Izaak has the people youll ever meet, plus a bunch of other stuff like fishing, archery, trap, and whatnot.

On the other hand, does anyone know a cheap FFL transfer dealer? Im trying to buy a rem 700pss .300winmag, but dont really wanna pay the 1000$ that atlantic guns charges for it (can get it for around 700 online). Atlantic guns told me that they cant transfer over a gun they stock, so no luck there. Though the people at atlantic guns are very nice indeed.
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