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I had a friend travel to Japan and train (martial arts) in a School that is notorious for its brutality, toughness and having a reputation for training Yakuza bodyguards. One technique he had observed was that of killing dogs by allowing the dog to jump up to attack and the defender putting up his forearm, as the dog jumps up and bites down on the forearm, the defender quickly, then locks his other forearm behind the dogs neck and then pushes his arm with the dogs jaw latched onto it back to break its neck. He told me that it was a truley disgusting sight, not only because of the senseless killing of the dogs, but also because the ones testing the technique were also all bloody...especially the ones that did not execute the technique quickly enough, the dogs tore the crap outta their arms. One thing that he said really stood out was the very visible audience of japanese men wearing dark suits and dark sunglasses...some even had missing pinkies.
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