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To me, the little guns just don't give me the room for error (as in, when TSHTF and your body defenses really kick in) that I have with the full sized guns (as in, you aim COM and hit about .5" from POA).

This is Kinda why I lean towords the full size versions myself, USP45.

Therin lies the delimma, the 228 isnt really a "small" gun
Ive carried a glock 19 and 23 for a few years before and they dont seem too small, (though I dont think Id want to go much smaller) It seems because of the design of the guns, you dont lose much going with the compact version with the G lock line. The baby Glocks IMHO are another matter. If I didnt like the feel of the Sigs better I would stay with my 19, or eh..... Buy another one after my wife steals it. I might lean towards the 17 though much for the same reasons, Im just not to worried about concealing a full size piece, though I understand and appriciate the values of a more compact weapon.

As far as the 239 goes I reallt like that one but weight\size\capacity wize Id have to stick with the model 19 over it. Ive got the models of pistols and caliber figured out pretty good that I like, for carry purposes. I wish I had the money though, cause I WOULD have a 239 "just because" its nice! (especially the two tone!!! )
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