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Maybe not practical for a new gun, but mine has to be my Grandfathers pre-64 model 70 in 264 mag with 26" barrel and Leupold 4.5X14 VIII with AO. My handloads of 120 gr nosler ballistic tips run about 3300 fps, and prints three shots in 1/3" at 100 yds. longest shot (from a good rest) was 399 paces (i am 6'4"). The shot blew out much of the heart and lungs for 20 feet on the other side of the small antelope. I have a hard time taking it our anymore for sentimental reasons ( and my brothers wont let me if they can help it.).

So now I use a Rem 700 KSS in 30-06 with 165 gr BTs at 2850fps. I guess I like that gun so much I use it for everything smaller than elk nowadays. I know that is a larger caliber than needed, but I like to see the animal just drop at the shot instead of run for a ways. All of the antelope that I have shot with that load (three big males) just dropped in their tracks instantly. I think that makes the meat taste better when they don't run.

Thanks for the question, it was nice remembering.

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