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I got my second 'hog of the season on Thursday. One of my pals at work is also a farmer and kept seeing one by a concrete culvert support at his place. I watched that hole after work for 2 weeks. My farmer pal said he saw it at around 1130 to 1330 some days. Well, I went out at a late lunch time and caught him out. Just as I rounded a hilly corner in the pasture, I saw him crouched at his hole. Another step and he would have seen me. I pulled up and fired.
He flipped and flopped a little and got in his hole about 6 inches where he expired. Of course, his hole was on the other side of a fence and I was not sure I even got him.
So I stuck my head through and sure enough, feet and tail. I put another one in him just in case and then pulled him out. It is tradition around here to hang the deceased on a fence pole which I did and the coyotes will get him soon.
I am very pleased with the accuracy and extra power the Marlin 25mn .22 mag gives me using CCI Maxi Mag HP. I am not a marksman by any reach, I am just ok. But 2 for 2 shots to kills is ok by me. They have been 50 yds or so, and I want to try longer, but the opportunity has not arisen yet.

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