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I've seen the Marine Corps rules and such. I've also read (had and lost) Cooper's "Seven Principles of Self-Defense", which is excellent, by the way.

What I was thinking was something of a 'preparation checklist', as Mass Hunter suggested. I also want to pare down the list somewhat; as Cooper did with condensing 10 rules of firearms safety into 4. Many folks here carry on a regular basis; just being prepared for a very ugly possibility. What I want is the very minimal concepts or rules to get home alive and unscathed. Further, I am considering this as primarily a solo exercise. I haven't been in a 'patrol' in over thirty years.

FWC officer makes a good point about long guns. However, it's really hard to pack a proper carbine or riot gun when doing that 2330 cigarette run to the Stop'n'Rob. I always leave the long gun in the rack and then get bushwacked somewhere in the canned good section. (Hate it when that happens.)

Ozzieman is of course correct; at least in the sense of participation; Erich seems to agree. And of course, I'm sure Oz didn't mean to ignore the concept/principle/rule of not shooting the wrong folks. Not much point in defending the homestead and killing one's firstborn accidentally. I think we can posit 'rules' in the meaning of 'principles' by which to prepare.

Bad350 and the Wolfe make valid points. If one can avoid the problem, one should. Unfortunately, the 'prescience' switch in my head is intermittent. I can only foresee about five to six seconds into the future.

TJ. Where did you get that picture? And who in blazes is that, anyway?

Oh, the list of 26 rules left out the one about "Try to look unimportant; they may be low on ammo."
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