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I have been in situations where a medium sized dogs came running at me and barking. I have never pulled a gun but I have pulled my folding knife just in case. Thank God I have never had to do anything as I am also a dog lover.

I was told from a very young age not to run since that will just make them want to chase you more (prey drive). I have also learned not to make eye contact as this is seen as a challenge to agressive dogs. This may not work in all circumstances but it beats shooting every dog that runs at you.

If the dog was a more agressive breed and it looked like it was charging me, I would have the knife ready but I would try to kick the crap out of it first. I have had a few years of martial arts training so I hope I might stand a chance. If not, fido is going to get skinned.

Some of you guys are saying that agression is trained and not bred. I do not agree 100% with that as genetics does play a role in agression and dominance. I have an 80 lb. Akita and she is pretty nice around people. She will not tolerate ANY agression from ANY dog. That is just her nature. She almost ate a little Yorkie when she scaled my fence a while back. The Yorkie was probably barking its little head off defending its property but my dog just chomped it. She has been obediance trained and off leash trained but I sure as heck don't trust her 100% off leash with other dogs around.
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