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Both,Art. Hoggin' is one of my favorite things, even if I don't get one! I have limited places to hunt, with all the urban expansion. Funny you should ask, I have been watching a hole on and off lately. I usually see one out, then do a little scouting, then play it by ear. A while back, I had a 10/22 and was over by a beat up barn the owners were going to refurbish. The little beasts had the foundation tore to pieces. For them, I laid in the bushes at about 50 yds and waited. Got a few that way. I got a couple too far away from their holes last year and had to shoot them while they were running for their holes. I had the SKS then, and I was glad I had a semi! I was using the steel ammo at the time and it seemed the rounds went right through. I had to finish both of them off with my little Phoenix Arms HP-22 and some Stingers.
They must get an adreniline rush, these two were hard to kill.

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