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I voted 'yes'. I applied for my CHL almost 6 weeks ago, and should get it any day. WILL get it any day, seeing as I live in a shall-issue state and I've been a good boy.

I read somewhere that it's a good idea for a person to carry at home to get used to CCW before they carry on the street, so that's what I'm doing. Plus, where I live, it's legal to carry in your car, so I do that as well. Note to any Coloradans: if you get pulled over without a CHL, be sure to say the magic words "I was carrying it to protect my person and property". Those are the exact words of the statute. If you have it loaded and concealed within reach, and you tell the cop you were CCW just to go to the range (or going to pop a cap in some idiot, for all that matters) you can be busted.
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