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I like 4 die sets but they are a pain on single stage presses. On a progressive they are the only way to go.The way I adjust crimp when it is on a set where the crimp/seat die is combined is

This is only if you have a set that has a combined die(seat and 3 die set)
1. Size a few pieces of brass and expand them. (Dies 1 and 2)
2. Put a piece of brass in the shellholder and raise the arm all the way
3. Back out the plunger(seating bolt or whatever you want to call it) almost all the way
4. Screw the crimp die down until it hits the brass and then back it OFF 1/2 turn
5. Push the arm back up and put a bullet in the brass.
6. Continue to slowly screw the plunger back in until you get the desired length.
7. Screw the plunger back out a couple of turns
8. Raise the arm again and screw the crimp die back down until it touches the brass and stops. lower the ram and do about 1/8 or 1/4 more turn. Tighten the lock ring
9. Raise the ram all the way and then screw down the plunger until it hits the bullet.

Once you get the crimp set you can play with the seating length. From this point you can screw the die in or out a little depending on the crimp you want. I think that crimp is not really necessary in ANY caliber. I just take my brass back to straight. I basically "de-bell". Crimping as little as possible is the best way in my opinion. Until you see setback or the bullets coming out then you have enough crimp. You can measure all this with calipers.
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