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OK to use lead bullet data for plated bullets?

I bought a box of West Coast copper plated bullets thinking they were the same a FMJ. They are 44 caliber 240 grain flat point. My powder is Unique.

None of my books have data for plated bulllets but I read (somewhere) that it's ok to use lead bullet data for plated bullets.

Ranier's website (also for plated bullets) says the minimum load for their bullets is 9.8 grains Unique.

However, if I operate under the assumption that lead data is ok, my Speer manual says 6.5 is minimum/7.0 grains maximum.

In the past, for 240 grain lead bullets, 7.0 grains Unique has always been good. Do you think I can safely load these West Coast plated bullets with 7.0 grains Unique without problems?

Thanx in advance.
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