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If you were born after 1949 I beleive then you need to complete a hunter safety course before you will be issued a hunting license. Since it sounds like you've had no real experience hunting before, then it's probably not a bad idea anyway. I think there are still some states that don't require the hunter safety card, but PA probably does. If you ever wanted to hunt in a state that did require one you'd have to complete the course anyway.

Art said something at the end of his post that you really should pay attention to. I know that if someone came out out to my place and helped while I'm putting up hay or building fence, they'd darn sure have a place to hunt. I'm not too interested in these guys that come out from the city the weekend before deer season wanting to know if they and their 8 buddies can hunt on the place. You show up in July when it's 95 and humid as hell, that's a different story. There's always something that needs to be done on the farm. If you can establish a good relationship with one landowner, chances are his neighbors may let you on their place too. Try it out, you may have some new friends out there you just haven't met yet.

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