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For anyone who's seen my posts in the rifle forum, I'm a novice rifleman in southern Pa who is interested in becoming involved in small and large game hunting. The "large" side of the equation is being handled by my wife's uncle who is a long standing deer man, but I'm also interested in doing some varminting which seems to have fewer restrictions and doesn't involve a 3 hour hike through snow just for one shot. So just how do I go about getting started, the Pennsylvania Game commission have been notably unhelpful, I have an e-mail from them that actually says that shooting anything without a permit could be an offence !
So do I need to find a friendly farmer who'll let me use his land or are there public areas set aside for varmint work. Also, do I need any certification to wander around with a rifle, getting arrested is not what I had in mind for my first hunt.

Any advice gratefully received.


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