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Excessive Pressure?

I just got home from the range. I shot a box of winchester WIN-CLEAN .357 MAGNUM and I'm confused about pressure signs. I was under the impression that flattened primers and primers that flowed back into the firing pin hole were sure signs of too much pressure. These factory loads totally flattened the primers (so much that they flowed out of the pocket and a little bit across the base of the case, and back into the primer hole). No primers were punctured and no cases split, but I have always stopped my reloads at the point that they just started to flatten the primers enough to square off the edges. Does this mean that I can go hotter on my reloads or are these factory loads what would be considered too hot??

What do you guys look for as far a pressure signs go?

btw, I also shot a few from my buddies gun and they looked the same as mine, so It's not my gun that caused the flattened primers.

Chris P.
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