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Rules for a Gunfight...

Just as a matter of preparation, check these. Please feel free to discuss and suggest.

Rules for a Gunfight (Individual, not military circumstances)

1. Have a gun.
Yeah, it's obvious but still worth repeating; if you don’t have one, you can't play. The gun should be loaded, and in proper operating order.

2. Carry enough gun.
Not going to start a caliber war thing, but a sidearm for self-defense must deliver enough force to make a difference.

3. Have confidence in your equipment.
Know what your sidearm will do. Know where it hits. Know the gun's limitations. Know your limitations. Practice with this sidearm and ammo until you can hit reliably whenever you're at the range. You won't get any better in a fight, you won't have any time to practice and there is no three-minute preparation time announcement.

4. Be aware of where you are.
You can do some things on a deserted section of country road you cannot do in MacDonald's at lunchtime.
You will not have the same problem on a deserted section of country road as you will have at the "Stop n Rob" at 2330.

5. Don't attend a gunfight alone.
Not if you can help it, anyway. Bring a friend. Bring several friends. Make sure they are armed as well.

6. Don't Panic.
Keep focused on your problem and the solution. Your best option may be to shoot, or to remove yourself from danger; you decide. You can shoot, you can run and you can mess yourself. It is difficult to do two or more of the above simultaneously with any degree of success.

7. "When it's time to shoot, shoot! Don't talk."
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