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5.11 Pants

Just a jump in on this subject. 5.11 has a new material for their 5.11 Tactical pants that are Nylon.
I work PT in a store in Orlando and my wife works there fulltime, Pace Outfitters, Altamonte Springs.
The store is a major seller of 5.11 stuff and I have had many pairs of the 5.11 pants in cotton. As you know, they shrink and generally are hot in the warmer climates. Well the Nylon pants do not shrink (duh!) and they are much more comfortable in regards to the heat factor. They are lightweight and they come out of the dryer in great condition, no wrinkles!!!!!
They cost about $10 more per pair, but that last much longer...
Just my opinion.

Vest? Beats a fanny pack any day!!!! Many tourist wear them here to put all of their junk in!!
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