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Randy, I've already decided to use your rounds for when we go packing back in on our mules. The main use for this gun will be for bear protection and if I decide to do any big game hunting with it in the future. I wasn't planning on shooting alot of them - sorry, don't want to have to find a job , but just enough to find out POI and what the recoil is like,and the rest I would hoard for special occasions and to keep that .44 loaded and handy. The reason why the question on the Federal ammo was because I'm looking for something that I can shoot alot of and practise with which will be somewhat comparable to your stuff for POI, but will be cheaper and not have the recoil that I'm imagining yours will have. I guess you can probably best answer that question. This is my first .44 mag, so I'm not sure how I'm going to find I like the recoil. Who knows I may find great joy in shooting those big bucking rounds. Since your "the man" in the know, what practise rounds shoot close to the same POI as the 2 rounds that you offer? Remember - cheap, easy recoil that will allow alot of practise, and the same or close POI. I might add I had no idea what grain bullets Federal was offering up in their loads, I was just figuring both being cast bullets they would probably be somewhat comparable for POI.
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