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Although they are a competitor of our's, I like the Federal Cast-Core 44 Magnum load. It's a very good choice for those guys in particular that shoot the lever-action carbines or clip fed autos, as the overall cartridge length is kept short enough for those actions. For those guys shooting revolvers, our weight-forward cast bullet designs extends the bullet noses to the full length of the cylinder throats and thereby allows shallower seating, leaving more room for gunpowder. Our 310-grainer works at the same chamber pressure as the Federal, but due to the advantage of our longer weight-forward bullets, we get about 100-fps higher velocity than the 300-gr Federal Cast-Core. If you are shooting a Redhawk or Super Redhawk we have a load with an even longer nose bullet to take advantage of the longer cylinder (and additional strength) of those guns. It's a 330-grainer and does 1385-fps from 7 and 1/2 inch barrels. Neither of our 44 Magnum loads will function in lever-actions or clip fed autos.
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