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changing fashion

i think 15 years ago a 5.11 vest and bdu pants would garner more attention but recently a friend of mine (a young woman who only buys "fashionable" clothes from "fashionable" stores) bought a pair of black bdu pants that even had ripstop stitching for $80 from a "fashionable" store. I told her that you could get the same thing for $20 at the army surplus store but she wouldn't be caught dead in such a store.

I haven't run into anyone who thinks I carry a handgun just because I wear a 5.11 vest and bdu pants. Society has gotten used to the look. I think it started with the first desert storm when lots of music bands started wearing bdus. Also, the average citizen is unaware of concealed handgun permits and simply don't think people have guns.

In fact I'd wager that the average citizen would suspect a person wearing loose gang style clothing would have a gun more than a person wearing a tan 5.11 vest with black bdu pants.
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